2016 guide to Art Collecting in Miami

There are many wonderful private art collections in Miami. For example, consider the collection by Martin Z Margulles who has spend over 30 years amassing art pieces that he loves, the collection of Latin art by Ella Fortanal Cloneds and family or the contemporary art collection amassed by Craig Roberts and George Lindemann. Many people buy a piece of art because they like the colors, style or design, becoming a private art collector requires more effort. The result, however, is an amazing collection that you truly love, and along the way, you will have lots of fun.

Pose a Question
A person should create a question before they start their art collection, as it will act as a guiding principle. For example, in the Miami area, a collector might ask:

What is the history of nautical art?
How has Haitian art changed through time?
Who are the best Havana artists of all time to have lived in Miami?

After you pose a question, then you can start a collection that explains the answer to that question. The best questions peak your own curiosity leaving you wanting to find the answer.

Study Art
Once you have posed a question, then it is time to study to find the answer. You will want to read books on the subject. The books that you buy can become an important part of your collection. You will also want to scour the internet for sources. Read everything that you can until you start to become an expert on the topic.

Learn Where to Buy Art
After you have studied the topic, then get out and start exploring Miami. You will learn that there are several wonderful art studios in the city. For example, if you are interested in learning about Haitian art, then explore the galleries in Little Haiti. While you will want to go to the Haitian Art Factory, Haitian Heritage Museum and Little Haiti Cultural Center on a regular basis, remember to frequent other Haitian art studios like Pan American Art Projects, Fusse Studios and Yeelen Gallery. When you are at these places, network with other people who are interested in Haitian art. Letting people know that you are interested in a particular type of art may mean that they call you when they have a piece available that they think you will be interested in obtaining.

Once you have started buying pieces to answer the question that you have posed, then make sure to document as much about the piece as you can. While you may think that you will remember, write everything down. It will add to the value of your collection.

Art that is hidden from view is almost worthless. Therefore, make sure that you find ways to attractively display your art. Even if you are doing a chronological collection, there is no need to display it in your home in that order.

Arrange for Art’s Disposal
While you may want to enjoy your art collection throughout your life, make sure that you let your loved ones know what to do with the art once you are gone. Many valuable pieces have been thrown away because family members did not know their value.