What are the Advantages of Using Natural Gas?

Natural gas holds many advantages regardless of how it is produced, which could be conventionally or through a renewable method. A few benefits of natural gas include low emissions, availability, and it is cost efficient. Renewable natural gas and conventional natural gas that is used in vehicles will be liquified or compressed. Using natural gas is a great way to preserve the environment and improve the United States economy.

The United States purchased an estimated 9 million barrels of petroleum daily and used about 19 million barrels of gas daily. Nearly three-quarters of petroleum consumption in the United States is due to transportation. If the United States decreases its need for fuels that are based from petroleum, it will boost the economy and provide better energy stability. The United States is particularly vulnerable to energy supply problems because many of the countries that supply the petroleum are not politically stable. There is a sufficient natural gas reserve supply in the United States that could be used to reduce the need for petroleum for foreign suppliers.

Natural Gas Improves Vehicle Performance
Vehicles that use natural gas typically have the same power, acceleration, and speed performance as diesel or gasoline vehicles. Because less energy can be stored in gasoline tanks with natural gas, additional storage tanks can help increase range.

Low Emissions
With the efforts to stop global warming, all vehicles must come with efficient emission control system and must pass emission standards tests. Vehicles that use shale natural gas, which does not include heavy-duty trucks, have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 11%, but vehicles that use renewable natural gas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by to 83%. Furthermore, vehicles that use conventional natural gas come with fuel systems that are sealed to prevent evaporative emissions.

There are a wide range of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles that are produced by original equipment manufactures from the United States. However, there are not many lightweight vehicles produced by original equipment manufacturers in the US, but efforts are being made to produce more light-duty natural gas vehicles by original equipment manufacturers. By using qualified system retrofitters, truck companies and consumers can convert gasoline and diesel vehicles to natural gas vehicles. Qualified system retrofitters can be an inexpensive way to ensure the vehicle meets emissions standards by all government agencies.