Author: Denise Baucom

Mark Papa Re-emerges To Revolutionize The American Oil Industry

Mark is known to be someone who can’t stay away from work for too long. In Spite of his retirement, Mark went on to work as an independent private advisor for Riverstone, a company that makes investments into large energy production companies. Riverstone, under the direction of founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre, employed Mark as their advisor so that he could help them develop their business into the next EOG. Mark held by his words that EOG was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and replicating that once again would be a daunting task, but went ahead and helped out Riverstone anyway.

The Benefits of Fracking

The US energy industry is one of the largest in the world. However, for a long time, this industry has been on the brink of experiencing a major decline in its overall output, especially in 1981. With the advent of new techniques, which are the fruits of hard work showcased by scientists, the industry is…

Bakehouse Art Complex

Before collectors open the doors at Bakehouse Art Complex, they should spend a few minutes admiring the Art Deco architecture of this former bakery building. Once inside, George Lindemann and other art collectors are sure to find something to add to their collection from the always changing juried emerging and mid-career artists that are allowed to exhibit their works in this delightful space.

Art Collecting in Miami, Florida

Art collecting is a hobby that has been around for several years now. It is a little hard to define exactly what an art collector is. That is because of the fact that the definition is pretty much in the name. It is a person like George Lindemann or an organization that goes around collecting…