Five Hot Spots to Visit in the Cayman Islands

From pop star Taylor Swift to Arnold Schwarzenegger, celebrities love the Cayman Islands since there is so much to see and do along with the sheer beauty of this favorite vacation destination. The Cayman Islands offer an array of amazing and fun things to do and see for all tourists. Here is a list of the top five attractions that are must-sees during a trip to this gorgeous tourist hotspot:

Stingray City Sandbar
For tourists who love stingrays, the Stingray City Sandbar is not to be missed. This is one of the hottest attractions in the Cayman Islands and it offers visitors the opportunity to have a diving experience while standing in just three feet of water. The stingrays will smoothly glide past their human company while in their natural habitat as visitors take in their beauty and grace.

Cayman Crystal Caves
After 20 years in the works, the Cayman Crystal Caves opened in 2016 and is the newest attraction of the Cayman Islands. Out of 100 caves in this area surrounded by a tropical forest, visitors get to take in the sites of three of the caves. Tourists are provided the opportunity to view crystal structures that were formed over time by single droplets of water along with tropical plant and wildlife such as air plants, bats, and parrots.

As the world leader of submarines that are available to tour, Atlantis Submarines International began offering tours in the Cayman Islands in 1985. Guests will get to enjoy a full tour of the Cayman Islands including the shipwrecks of George Town Harbor, coral canyons, and lively reefs.

Seven Mile Beach
For beach lovers, Seven Mile Beach is one place you do not want to miss. It is located on the western shore of Grand Cayman and features beach bars with plenty of live entertainment, coral sand to relax upon, and beautiful, clear water to take a dip in.

Cemetery Reef

Take a swim about 300 yards off from Seven Mile Beach to the Cemetery Reef that features porous coral that is a popular area for all kinds of fish and other sea life. It allows swimmers the chance to snorkel and take in some amazing views of the ocean.

Camana Bay
Visit the Camana Bay Observation Tower that sports a panoramic view of Grand Cayman. The Observation Tower is 75-feet tall and has over three million Venetian glass tiles. Unknown to most, each glass tile is hand cut and takes many months to cut and install. Unlike many Cayman Island tourist hot spots, Camana Bay is designed by Dart Real Estate and Ken Dart to be a place where you live and not just visit.