Layered Benefits of Fracking

The benefits of fracking are many and have layered impacts that have positive results. It is only fair to note that fracking when done irresponsibly, which is to say fracking done outside the proven and safe practices, can have potentially dangerous results. But in all fairness, this is akin to many a procedure done unwisely, a surgeon, a mechanic or even an accountant armed with only pen and paper, are all examples of occupations that can have negative consequences when the best and safest practices aren’t followed.
The benefits to the job market, to the economy and in producing energy sources that ultimately equate to greater energy independence, are a few fracking benefits and are often considered the greatest advantages of fracking. It is without question, (jobs, economy and energy) three heavy hitting and highly important aspects that must be considered.
According to a USA Today report, fracking has been effective enough to move the United States into the position of leader as the world’s number one producer of oil and gas. This not only reduces the expense of importing other fuel sources but also lowers the rate of fuel which in turn lends a hand in boosting the economy.
Job production from the business of fracking is an obvious boon for job creation. In addition to the opportunities created by the fracking industry itself, the resulting addition of jobs as more oil and gas production occurs is apparent too. These two benefits of fracking may not even be the greatest reason though, as the U.S. grows closer to eliminating the energy threat by the use of fracking.
An energy crisis has been rumored for decades, and many other energy sources such as solar and wind energy have been investigated as possible resolutions to this threat. The dependence on oil and fuel sources from other countries and the billions spent have also been a taxing burden as well. Fracking appears to be an answer on many planes, and energy to keep the country well and alive is just another invaluable benefit. Fracking makes sense, it works, it has many benefits – it only needs to be done properly. Shouldn’t that be the case with anything we do anyways?