Why Is Miami Home of Celebrity Art Collection?

Miami is home to quite a few art collectors and art collections. The city is famous for its sunny weather, and it offers a vibrant art community that is quite difficult to ignore. Every collector visiting the city must be familiar with those who collect art in the area, those who create in the area and the burgeoning art scene. Miami will soon become the finest destination for art collectors, and it is moving up the list quickly.

#1: Celebrities Who Visit the Area

Everyone living in Miami has sighted a celebrity at one time or another, and they tend to come down for vacation when they want to get away from it all. Celebrities in the area come to the city for the sun and waves, but they remain to purchase art as an investment. Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, George Lindemann, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham have been spotted in the area looking at art, and there is a festival where more celebrities turn out.

#2: Basel Art Festival

The Basel art festival comes up once a year as artists from the area display what they have created in the pristine sunshine of Miami. The festival is one of the most famous in the world, and it sees celebrities beyond Neil Patrick Harris and the Beckhams turn up to see the best art in the world. They are there to ensure their art collections grow, and they are seen with many of their celebrity peers.

#3: Who Is Creating?

Artists are growing every year in Miami as they are given more money and resources for their work. Celebrities who buy their work push their careers forward, and a fine artist may double or triple their output once they have been discovered. Their art will sell for quite a lot of money, and they may become a favorite of a celebrity. Creators in the city stay because it is a healthy place to live, and there is quite a lot of inspiration in the air every day as the sun rises.

The Miami art scene has grown quite a lot since its humble beginnings and the first Basel festival. Those who come to the city today know they are there for art, and they will find one of many artists who may become the next big star as a result of a major sale. Collectors must venture to Miami to see what makes the city so lovely.