Organizations That Help in South Africa

Africa Food for Thought

Another organization that helps South Africa would be the Africa Food for Thought program. This non-profit organization provides supplies for school children and nutritional products for children in the pre-school age, to improve their nutritional health and knowledge of the importance of proper nutrition from a young age. These efforts help to increase school attendance by better preparing students for their education. Improving their physical condition helps with concentrating in school, and this organization targets those who are the most in need in this situation. Africa Food for Thought currently hosts twelve school programs and eight pre-school level programs, which has effectively helped over 11,000 students to date.

Operating in Soweto, Gauteng, Africa Food for Thought was established in 2006. They also offer programs for orphaned children, providing what they can with emotional and spiritual support for orphans. Through their program Youth Crime Fighters they also have Sunday School, chess, sports games, math tutoring, and other homework classes to help those struggling in school.



Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) has been helping families and individuals living below the poverty line in South Africa since its original founding in 1993. Approximately 10,400 people have been helped in total since 2010 to 2014, and an estimated $2,032,800 has been spent in total by the organization in helping these 10,000+ individuals. They offer relief on basically anything you could attribute to a charity helping the poor and destitute. This includes helping to provide clean, sanitary water supply, multiple health-related programs including women’s health, food aid, education, Ramadan, aid for children and refugees, emergency response, and many more other programs specifically set up to help the less fortunate in South Africa.

The branch of IRUSA extends far beyond South Africa. They serve different parts of Africa, Afghanistan, and the United States in their efforts. IRUSA’s mission is to provide equal relief in a dignified manner, regardless of an individual’s race, religion, or gender. They work to provide a voice for the voiceless, thus empowering them to become more involved in their community and help by giving something back to the world.


South African Peace Network

Anyone who has traveled to South Africa knows of it’s social issues and violence. South African Peace Network is a non-profit organization that is unique in its goal to not only help eradicate poverty in South Africa but to also help end social violence. This organization helps those in need by providing training that is community-based, in order to empower individuals towards a healthier life without crime.