Organizations that helped with hurricane Harvey relief in Houston

Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas, leaving many residents in desperate need of help and resources. Organizations that deal with hurricane relief quickly stepped in to provide aid including: United Ways of Texas, Samaritan’s Purse, ADS Inc. and American Red Cross. Hurricane Harvey impacted millions of people, and these groups were there to help.

One of the groups assisting with hurricane relief is United Ways of Texas. United Ways of Texas made relief funds to be distributed throughout the areas of Texas is need of help. They work with the community to aid and raise funds for Texas’ recovery.

Another organization helping in Texas is Samaritan’s Purse. They sent relief units, volunteers, and staff after Harvey hit to help the residents who were in need. Samaritan’s Purse also accepts donations for the recovery of Texas after this storm caused major flooding and destroyed homes.
Asking for prayers and volunteers, this organization assists the citizens of Texas in their time of need.

Helping with supplies, solar power, and manpower, ADS Inc., a defense contractor, also came in to help the people of Texas. ADS Inc. connected with groups and made arrangements to provide necessities for the Texans affected by the hurricane. Although they are located in Virginia, they were able to respond as quickly as possible and get items to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

American Red Cross, an organization for emergency assistance, responded to Hurricane Harvey by providing financial assistance, volunteers, and other services to the citizens in need. They are one of the first responding organizations that help during emergencies. American Red Cross made sure the people of Texas had shelter, food, and support after Harvey overwhelmed and damaged the community.

The devastating hurricane hit southeast Texas as a category 4, and it caused major flooding in large areas of the state. Hurricane Harvey slammed into the US making a huge impact and wreaking havoc, but the people of our nation came together to make the best out of this disaster. Organizations providing hurricane relief made a huge difference in this situation and made it possible for the people suffering through Hurricane Harvey to get through the hurricane and begin the recovery process.

For those looking to help with disaster relief, know that you can become a disaster volunteer with American Red Cross work with ADS Inc, or you can donate to the victims.