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environmental friendly imageAutoRecyc vision to get all rusty cars out there up and running again. Making them to have a good start to a rightful owner. I have been in the business for 5 years now. I must say we have bought hundreds of cars and transformed them to become environment-friendly.

What we offer to the market:

1. We will buy your rusty car.

Whatever the status of your car is, we are going to buy it from you without any question at all. Get cash for your unused rusty car.

2. We can make it run again.

We have in-house mechanics, painters, and designers who can make an ugly car, customize it to become environment-friendly and to look brand new. It will be running smoothly, back on the road again.

3. We can sell it at a profit.

The best part of it all is that we can sell the car and earn a little bit of a profit. We have quite a number of hobbyists and loyal customers who keep coming back to purchase cars from us.

We do value the environment. This is our way of helping the environment. Simply, by making an old rusty car back on the road again. Instead of having the car rust for years and not making use of it.

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