Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami in 2017

Miami is a global hotspot for contemporary art. The outdoor exhibit Wynwood Walls features art by some of the best graffiti artists in the world, and Art Basel in Miami draws over 70,000 visitors from around the globe every year. Celebrity art collectors that buy from the Miami art scene include Leonardo DiCaprio, George Lindemann and Beyonce, Madonna, Sofia Coppola and Paris Hilton. There are over 100 top art galleries, art museums and artist spaces in Miami that showcase both popular artists and emerging talent.

Types of Art in Miami

While the Miami architecture, performances, installations and murals are worth seeing, most art in these categories cannot be purchased and taken home. The most popular and portable types of art can be divided into the following media types.


While artwork in Miami can be experimental and edgy, there are also many traditional oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings. Many of the paintings are abstract. Pop culture, urban art and modern media are major influences. David Castillo named Harumi Abe as a top Miami painter to watch.


Sculpture can be made of traditional materials like wood, stone, glass and metal, but often modern sculpture is made of found objects, plastics and paper. Assemblage and sculpture that mixes different media is increasingly popular, but clean minimalist lines and geometric shapes are also well represented in Miami galleries. David Castillo listed Pepe Mar as a leading Miami sculptor.


In addition to creating a strong visual, photography often highlights social issues and historic problems. Artists frequently combine photography with video, digital art and performance art. Many Miami galleries show leading and emerging photographers, but the Dina Mitrani Gallery is a must-see for photography lovers.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media is art that uses multiple media types. In the highly experimental Miami art scene, the number of artists who create mixed media art increases every year. Most installations and performances use multiple media types, and some of the most innovative wall art and small sculptures experiment with combining different media.

The Miami art scene is so vast and varied that it can be overwhelming. Miami is famous for a vibrant Latin American art scene, but it shows art from all over the world. Miami art tends to be colorful, contemporary and rooted in the problems and culture of the modern world.