Well Known Art Collectors of Miami

With colorful displays of metal, wood, or unusual unknown materials, artists can offer up the world a new way of seeing. Collecting these tangible new ways of seeing are an art collectors dream come true. Miami is one of the hottest art scenes in the country, offering up galleries and museums that will wet any art lover’s palette. Part of the productive art scenes is thanks to three major collectors that call Miami Home. The three major Miami art collectors are Martin Margulies, George Lindemann, and Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz. Some of the artist’s work that makes the Margulies collection amazing are works by Willem de Kooning and Richard Serra.

Martin Margulies

The most famous art collector in Miami is Martin Margulies a self-made millionaire. He absolutely loves art and loves to share it with the Miami Scene as well as the world. His collection of art is simply known as the Margulies Collection which is fittingly kept in the famous art district of downtown Miami known as Winwood. Margulies as acquired over forty thousand pieces over the years and still looks out for more favorite pieces to add to his collection. Some of the artist’s work that makes the Margulies collection amazing are works by Willem de Kooning and Richard Serra just to name two of the thousands of artists work he loves adores.

The Rubell Family

Another major pair of art players are Donald and Mera Rubell. Donald and Mera are a couple who fight lovingly every day and enjoy it. Together they have collected more than 6500 works of art from many different artists around the world. The showcase their art around the world but the permanent collection is in Miami. The Miami art scene knows the Rubells well and respect their thoughts and decisions when it comes to art. Their collection includes hundreds of works by well-known artists such as Dana Shutz and Keith Haring.

Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz

Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz want everyone from all background to experience art. They are very much into contemporary art and allow anyone to view their collection for free. Fluorescent lights and flowers along with big bold primary colored works are just some of the amazing sights you will see while viewing the De La Cruz Collection in Miami’s Design District.

Art is these Miami collector’s passion. Yes, the pieces they own are worth millions, but if you are going to have a passion why not have one that is worth something. The next time you are in Miami, look up the collections of these three amazing families and come take a look.