What is the lowest price to rent a car in Costa Rica with Jumbo Car?

Are you tired of exaggerated taxi and car rental prices? Transparent, efficient, and up to the task, you can get the lowest price to rent a car in costa rica with Jumbo Car. This car rental company gets you wherever you want to go visiting the wonderful sites in the country. Their vehicles are quite reliable and in good shape enhance your experience for a fun-filled vacation. The automobiles are modern with a functional air conditioner to allow you to travel in satisfying conditions as you enjoy the diverse culture and tradition of the Costa Ricans.
The most flexible, affordable, and widespread means is by road to get to different sites. The road network is viable, with most parts in and around urban areas, cities, and towns having a tarmac road, while remote areas have tracks that are still pretty accessible. Travel at your convenience and pace, visiting different tourist sites, stopping over anywhere you want. You can also conveniently travel as a group of friends or family at a pocket-friendly price. Renting a car, say if you are on a business trip, your security is guaranteed as you traverse the country on serious business, arrive at your meetings in time, and work efficiently.

Jumbo Car Vehicles

Whether you need a family vehicle or a car for business trips, Jumbo Car has got you covered. They offer affordable prices for their vehicles regardless of their type. There are four classes of automobiles from their fleet at your disposal. They are:
• Economy: city-driven car
• Family car: city car
• SUV: raised cars and 4×2
• All fields: raised cars and 4×4
The fleet of vehicles is composed of newly bought automobiles and those not exceeding two years of active usage. All the cars have an operating air conditioning system, Bluetooth connection, a USB plug, central locking, radar, or a reversing camera. They have manual or automatic transmission systems with a considerable number consuming gasoline, but if you want a diesel-running vehicle, they have some for you.
Jumbo Car rental vehicles are fully reliable and are closely monitored and checked by their mechanics regularly. In case of any problems, they buy replacement parts from the vehicle’s manufacturer and follow the latter’s instructions to fix the existing problem leaving the vehicle as good as new.

Jumbo Car Airport Agency Services

With its location at the main airport in Costa Rica, San Jose’s Juan Santamaria International Airport, Jumbo Car Agency caters to customers’ preferences, whether tourists or business people. Once you get off the plane at the terminus, their shuttle bus will pick you and drive you to the agency offices in just 2 to 3 minutes. There is free wifi both on the busses and the agency offices. You might need to contact your family to notify them of your arrival, check on your email updates, or upload photos on social media.
Once you get to the agency, you will sign the car rental contract and head towards the vehicle’s location with one of their staff members to conduct a vehicle inventory. In no time, you will be free to go and begin enjoying your holidays. Their staff members speak various languages, Spanish, French, and English, which are also languages that the contract is written in.

Why choose Jumbo Car?

This car rental company can get you one of the best deals around Costa Rica. You can get the lowest price to rent a car in Costa Rica with Jumbo Car, just $11.99 to pay for a single day. In case of any problems with their cars, they have a group of professionals who can help you within 2 hours on communication anywhere in Costa Rica.
Get the best services from the four categories of vehicles from Jumbo Car, enjoy your vacation in style with a reliable diesel or gasoline-powered car. You can get the vehicle on arrival at the airport from Jumbo Car Agency and travel right after landing. The prices are quite friendly for such high-quality services.

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