Recycling Polystyrene Foam is Possible & So Worth It

Polystyrene Foam really does get a bad rep when it comes to discussions about saving the environment. We recycle plastic bottles and bags, cardboard and paper, glass and metal containers. Yet most people follow the myth that polystyrene foam is not reusable or recyclable…yet nothing is further from the truth. This has led a number of states and cities to propose foam bans, like the potential Arkansas foam ban, that would impact local businesses and hit them where it hurts—in their wallets!

Not only is polystyrene being re-purposed to create other products, there is advancing chemical engineering technology that can melt polystyrene into a usable liquid polymer that is used as a spray sealant which is environmentally friendly. Instead of banning this ever useful product, we need to support the efforts to find new purposes for recycled polystyrene foam. Here are just some of the ways polystyrene is being recycled:

  • Consumers can reuse their polystyrene cups and plates by washing in soap and hot water
  • Save your packing peanuts for re-use when mailing packages.
  • If there is an EPS recycling center near you, petition your local reps to start bulk pickups.
  • Some grocery stores accept EPS products for recycling; if one does exist consider starting neighborhood drives to collect polystyrene products.
  • Involve your school district in recycling their polystyrene foam products as a way to teach children about the environment.
  • Purchase polystyrene wood products that are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) like benches and fence posts.

Recycled products must be separated into different bins and the same is true for the different polystyrene foam products. All plastic and foam products have a resin identification number stamped on them. Polystyrene has an SPI code of 6 and is typically referred to as Styrofoam (which is a trademark of Dow Chemical). You will find this foam used in foam drinking cups and plates, egg containers and food coolers because it is such a good insulator to cold and heat. Since it is rigid yet lightweight, it is used as a loose filler packing material or a molded to fit and protect the product.

Consider starting a polystyrene foam recycling program in your neighborhood as a perfect way to rally your friends and neighbors around a worthwhile cause while helping the environment.

How Do Cars Affect The Environment?


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Cars are necessary for us in order to go from one destination to another, from home to work and vice-versa. Do you know that you are driving a car contribute to the growing environment problem – climate change? If you have no idea, read on in order to be enlightened.

The following are three effects of cars to our environment:

1. Quality of the air

Air pollution is getting worst, especially at places where there is traffic congestion due to a number of cars on the street. As it increases, the risk of getting diseases such as neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory is at high. This is a pity for those who are living within the area where there are lots of cars emitting carbon dioxide. They are prone to getting such diseases.

Electric-engine-emit-no-exhaust image2. Emission of greenhouse gases

Have you observed that the temperature during summer 20 years ago is not as high during summer of last year? This is due to the emission of the carbon dioxide. As the years go by, there has been an increase in carbon dioxide emission. It causes the Earth to heat up and much so it becomes not tolerable in some tropical countries. This has even lead to changes in global climate. It led to having the risk of a person’s health all the way to death at very high temperature.

3. Noise

Do you know that urban noise is due to road traffic? This can lead disturbance to those working at the office. People cannot relax or sleep properly. Plus, it can even lead to mental stress as well. On worst cases, noise can lead to physical problems like heart disease, chronic exhaustion as well as high blood pressure.

There you have it, three effects of cars to our environment. We cannot put a stop to this. However, what we can do is to lessen it through using hybrid cars or cars powered by biofuel. This will have a little effect today. However, if all of car owners will make a shift. It will lead to something good. Being aware of what cars, emission of carbon dioxide do to the environment will yield to make us question ourselves and do something about it.

Are you going to be a contributor to our environment’s worst situation or are you going to be a contributor of change? Take your choice. The future of the next generation depends on what we do today.